EC-Engineering Oy is now LICO Oy

EC-Engineering wants to clarify its company image and differentiate itself from other players in the industry by continuing its operations under the new name, LICO Oy. The name LICO reflects three essential features in our products; lightness, composite and component.

Through the decades, EC-Engineering has found it quite challenging to have other companies operating under the same company name in the market, even in the same industry with the same customers and products. Companies that provide similar services and products to the same target groups also operate under the EC derivative name. Additionally, the ‘Engineering’ term in the company’s name has also misled potential customers by creating a strong image of the company providing pure engineering services.

Change of the company name does not change the daily operations of the company. LICO will continue serving existing and future customers by listening carefully their needs and values plus providing first class light weight solutions. Other company information such as business identity code, address and invoicing routine remains unchanged.