Pikespo to accelerate Pusatec’s growth and internationalization

Pusatec Oy from Naantali has chosen Pikespo Invest Oy to support the company’s growth as a minority owner. Pusatec is known as a reliable domestic software developer and hardware producer focusing on smart card-based payment and access control systems for more than 30 years. The company aims for strong growth both in Finland and in international markets.

Pusatec Oy is the market leader in Finland, supplying intelligent systems for public transportation and access control systems for sport centers and healthcare organizations. Pusatec has a comprehensive range of hardware and software to integrate different services into unified smart card-based system.

Pikespo Invest Oy will strengthen the company’s sales and marketing expertise and support building new sales channels. Pikespo’s entry into Pusatec’s shareholder base will bring expertise and networks to accelerate growth in new industries and international markets. Pikespo is a strategic partner for Pusatec and will support the company’s growth as co-entrepreneur.

“We had a great opportunity to join a company whose technology is superior and which has great potential in many customer segments, such as healthcare,” says Jukka Marttila, Investment Director at Pikespo Invest Oy. “We were quickly convinced of the strong expertise and customer focus of Pusatec’s staff. We believe that this cooperation will lead to really bright future.”

 “Pusatec’s strength is based on its staff,” says CEO Pertti Heurlin. “Our software is based on the latest technologies which is provided to our customers as SaaS service. The cash register and access control systems implemented with the SaaS service are typically in the core of our customer’s operations.”

More information:

Pusatec Oy, Pertti Heurlin, President and CEO, +358 50 355 5063

Pikespo Invest Oy, Jukka Marttila, Investment Director, +358 40 518 8623

Pusatec Oy is an innovative technology company that has focused on smart card-based payment and access control systems for more than 30 years. Automated services, technical solutions, databases and embedded technologies with software are the company’s specialty. Pusatec itself designs the necessary technologies to optimize equipment and operations according to customer needs.